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The series of lectures, conversations, film showings, exhibitions, and courses brings together faculty, students, and staff at CCNY and the New York City community to examine human rights through multiple lenses.


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Planetary Impacts of Climate Change: From Global to Local

The City College, Downtown Campus, 25 Broadway, 7th floor, Auditorium

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Karin Block is an Associate Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at City College of New York. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she earned an A.B. in Literature, Science and Arts from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences from the CUNY Graduate Center. She is affiliated with the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University (LDEO) as an Adjunct Associate Research Scientist. She is a geochemist and petrologist who investigates the role and evolution of minerals in high and low temperature earth systems. Her current research focuses on how feedbacks between clay minerals and microbes affect carbon cycle dynamics in soils. She has trained students in a wide array of research topics ranging from virus-mineral interactions to mining biotechnology to pollution monitoring in estuarine environments. 

 Ana Carnaval is an Associate Professor of Biology at City College of New York. She earned her MSc. in Zoology from Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro, in her home country, Brazil, and moved to the U.S. to pursue a doctoral degree in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Chicago. Her research group studies global patterns of biodiversity and their underlying evolutionary and ecological processes, with a special focus on the American tropics. She is particularly interested in integrating data and tools from the fields of genetics and genomics, earth and atmospheric sciences, and physiology, to understand 1) how species responded to climate change in the past, and 2) how they may respond in the future.

Susanna Schaller is an Assistant Professor in Urban Studies and Planning in the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education. She earned her PhD in City and Regional Planning and is a certified urban planner.  Her work focuses on urban governance, zoning, the politics of commercial district “revitalization” and small business development. She examines processes of urban restructuring and place making through public-private partnership regimes and explores the intersection of ethnicity, race and class in urban planning discourses and the construction of “ideologies place.” Her book Business Improvement Districts and the Contradictions of Placemaking: BID Urbanism in Washington, D.C. was recently published by the University of Georgia Press.

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