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The series of lectures, conversations, film showings, exhibitions, and courses brings together faculty, students, and staff at CCNY and the New York City community to examine human rights through multiple lenses.


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Human Rights Law & Documentary Filmmaking

In the spring of 2013, General Efraín Ríos Montt of Guatemala was tried and convicted of genocide (even if the conviction was overturned one month later). This was the first time in 500 years that genocide against indigenous Americans was tried. Clips from the documentary Granito (Skylight Pictures, 2011) were used as evidence in the trial.  Now the filmmakers are working on a short documentary around the trial and its aftermath. Almudena Bernabeu, one of the lawyers who worked on the Guatemala Genocide Case, still serves transnationally on cases throughout the world. 

The event will explore the path-breaking work of Spain in human rights law and the relentless commitment of intellectuals and activists in making the seemingly impossible possible. By bringing together documentary film, ethnography, and law, the filmmakers and lawyer who join us for this event are exemplary of how human rights can make a difference, even if the odds remain seemingly insurmountable.