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The series of lectures, conversations, film showings, exhibitions, and courses brings together faculty, students, and staff at CCNY and the New York City community to examine human rights through multiple lenses.


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“Torture, International Law, and the Fight against Terrorism,” with Juan E. Méndez in conversation with Amrit Singh, moderated by Rajan Menon


Torture is of special concern to the international community. International law has developed standards to prohibit it absolutely and mechanisms to prevent it.   The normative framework favors a total abolition of torture in practice.  And yet various forms of torment are practiced every day in at least half of the countries of the world.  Public condemnation of torture has been temporarily replaced by resignation or even tolerance in the wake of the "war on terror."  We must interrogate ourselves as to whether those mechanisms are working and what else needs to be done to abolish torture in our lifetime.



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